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Strike gold in equity mining

atomQuote is a sophisticated equity mining solution that continuously scans your DMS for positive equity customers. It automatically generates personalized upgrade offers for your highest opportunity prospects, speeding up the decision-making process. Accurately pair your customers with a vehicle in your current inventory and eliminate the effort of manual matching.

Additional Features
Streamline and shorten the sales process, increase sales, and source trade-ins all while customers are still in the service drive.
  • In-Drive Equity Mining: sign your customer in and the system immediately starts analyzing data to quickly generate a personalized quote and notifies the sales team.
  • Data-Search Buyer Matching: create compelling offers by matching customer data with actual inventory, national VIN information, cost-of-ownership comparisons, and more.
  • Integrated Multichannel Marketing: leverage email and print campaigns to build awareness and drive engagement with qualified leads. Show customers the value of the trade by including number of payments left, total cost savings, and by comparing monthly payments.
  • Real-Time Sales Lead Sheets: easily introduce the idea of a trade-in with a personalized handout showing a brand-new vehicle from your lot compared trim-to-trim and term-to-term with the customer's current vehicle.

Drive up sales by identifying and targeting the best prospects.

This powerful technology automatically collects customer data, compares it to our information network, and generates custom quotes based on your actual inventory. Instantly create quotes to use as daily sales-lead sheets, or even integrate them into email campaigns for maximum results.

atomQuote is effective as a stand-alone solution, but it's even more powerful when paired with multiple channels like email. Highly personalized and targeted offers don't always seal the deal all on their own, which is why ongoing multichannel engagement is crucial to closing more opportunities.

See what atomQuote can do for you!