Social Advertising Improves Retention
February 27, 2018
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There was a 46% increase in phone calls
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There was a 43% increase in VDP views


There was a $10 decrease in cost-per-conversion
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There was a 32% increase in form submissions

Having the right digital mix makes all the difference in generating quality leads and converting them into sales or in-store visits


The surge in digital and mobile consumer usage has transformed the automotive industry. Dealers who fail to properly invest in the right paid digital advertising mix risk losing business to competitors. Having the right digital mix makes all the difference in generating quality leads and converting those leads into sales or in-store visits.


A GSM dealer sought advice on how to reduce cost-per-lead and maximize return without increasing overall digital ad spend. GSM’s Digital Marketing Advisor team advised the dealership to add two additional channels (Dynamic Display and Retargeting) to their digital advertising mix.


How we helped

The dealership was using Paid Search as its only digital tactic for encouraging website visitation and increasing online visibility. GSM suggested easing dependence on paid search as the only digital medium that allows consumers to discover the dealership.

By diversifying their digital advertising portfolio with the addition of two new channels, the dealership was able to expand the reach of their messaging and put their brand in front of more in-market consumers. With this multi-channel strategy, the dealership was no longer missing opportunities to engage with online consumers higher up in the purchase funnel.

Solutions used

The right advertising mix, combined with relevant messaging, helped influence purchase decisions of consumers farther down the purchase funnel, as well as generate more leads and deals for the dealership.

Paid Search helps dealerships increase visibility in search engine results pages. The dealership still used Paid Search, although allocation of spend was decreased to this channel.
Dynamic Display Advertisements show online shoppers relevant content based on their online search history. The dealership's ads were relevant to in-market shoppers throughout their entire path to purchase.
Retargeting brings previous website visitors back to a dealership's site by placing content in front of them that they previously expressed an interest in or already engaged with. The dealership was able to increase lead conversions through retargeted content.


In one month, the dealership experienced remarkable growth while still operating on the same digital ad budget as the previous month. With no additional advertising investment, the dealership saw a lower cost associated with each website visit. Over a one month period, website results included:
• 46% increase in calls
• 43% increase in VDP (vehicle details page) views
• 32% increase in form submissions
• $10 decrease in cost-per-conversion meaning it cost the dealership less money to convert a lead into a phone call or email lead form submission

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