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Our Approach

Better together.


Automotive Marketing Reinvented

We think differently because we have to. The automotive industry and its customers are constantly changing. They’re digital, more informed and demanding more from dealers than ever before. They’re constantly bombarded with the same marketing from every dealer—that’s our cue to challenge the trends. That’s why we’ve redesigned the way we approach automotive marketing.

We start with data


We gather data. Lots of it. Data is the driving force that gets us the proven results that will set your dealership apart from competitors. We constantly monitor automotive and marketing industry trends. We dissect every step of your customer’s journey from beginning to end. From studying findings within our clients' data, to digging into data from our own custom programs, we mine the stuff that makes for better marketing.

We walk in the customer’s shoes

customer journey

Some might call it obsessive, but at GSM, we hyper-focus on the Automotive customer journey. Every single step of your customer’s experience—from the initial new car search to the lifetime of maintenance—is an opportunity to build a relationship.

We know their journey inside and out, because winning means we have to win over your customers every time.