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Automotive Marketing Videos

We are the Automotive Marketing People. Our videos provide you with marketing tips and product walk-through to help better your automotive marketing efforts. Tune in for updates on omnichannel marketing solutions for your dealership!



Why use digital marketing for automotive?

In this video we will briefly discuss the importance of digital marketing for the automotive industry. Whether you are a OEM, region or dealership, digital marketing can significantly grow your local market share, as well as increase your sales and service revenues.

Frequency Capping - How efficient is your automotive Digital Marketing spend?

The automotive digital marketing landscape is full of competition, and spending in the right channel at the right time is crucial to your success. In this video we discuss frequency capping and how GSM uses this technology to reach users across multiple channels and optimize your spend.


Why use Digital Display ads for automotive marketing?

In this video, we uncover some of the misconceptions surrounding Digital Display Ads. Learn how Display ads help drive awareness and consideration for your dealership throughout the customer journey.


Retargeting - Bring customers back to your dealership website

Influence auto shoppers’ decision to buy from your dealership and speed up the purchase process with retargeted ads. Retargeting displays your ads to shoppers who have visited your site while they browse other sites online.


Is social advertising relevant for the automotive industry?

Should your dealership implement social advertising to its marketing mix? Watch this video to see why you should add this and how its relevant to the automotive industry.



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