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 Digital Marketing Solutions

Powered by Audience IQ



Social ROI


Times more conversions



Digital ad spend to sell one car vs $1,581 in traditional media

Digital Marketing powered by Audience IQ

Next-Generation Customer Experience


Digital Marketing powered by Audience IQ is a platform that delivers a single customer view, real-time personalization, and a seamless omnichannel experience -across any device and channel. Digital Marketing offers a next-generation customer experience with advanced audience modeling and targeting capabilities for the automotive industry.


Always on Target: What Digital Marketing will do for you

Omnichannel Targeting

Automotive Omnichannel marketing provides a consistent experience  across all channels in your marketing mix, which boosts engagement and brand recognition.

Cross-Channel Targeting

Cross-channel advertising enables dealerships to bridge the gap between paid search and social channels by personalizing content across multiple channels. 

Cross-Device Retargeting

After leaving your website, cross-device targeting enables you to deliver targeted advertising to your consumer across multiple devices. 

Location-Based Targeting

Location-based marketing targets an audience within a specific geographic area helping you reach customers in real-time. This drives conversions by delivering relevant deals in an area you want to target.

Contextual Website Targeting

Automated content analysis to serve on websites frequented by automotive shoppers which will present ads to customers about a product they are already interested in.

Lookalike Modeling

Use your customers' characteristics to create a similar target audience of likely buyers. This expands your retargeting program to new audiences who are likely to have an interest in your business.


Transform Your Marketing With Digital Marketing powered by Audience IQ

Did you know digital channels offer dealers the targeting capabilities, automation, and the price tag needed to save time and money while also increasing reach, awareness, and purchase consideration? 



Our Digital Marketing Solutions

Powered by Audience IQ

Social Advertising

Reach beyond the list of people who like your dealership Facebook page. Target qualified, in-market vehicle and service shoppers to broaden your message reach and make the most of your marketing dollars.

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Bring shoppers back to your site – influence auto shoppers’ decision to buy from your dealership and speed up the purchase process with retargeted ads. Retargeting places relevant and desired content in front of customers who are ready to purchase, based on their personal browsing data.

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Display Advertising

Digital has changed the way we shop, find information, and make decisions. Dealerships need to command more digital visibility across the internet with digital advertising in order to grab shoppers earlier and engage them longer. Our display advertisements are backed by predictive modeling, which gets them noticed for the right reasons and makes them relevant to customer’s needs.

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Paid Search

As a Google Premier Partner, our paid search experts develop targeted strategies that put your dealership in the position to be chosen, not just seen.

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