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Social Advertising

Turn local leads into loyal customers.



Automotive Social Advertising

Social Advertising allows you to find more local customers, and puts your message in front of a larger, in-market audience on the most popular social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. 

Omnichannel Integration

Consistent messages accross multiple channels for ongoing campaigns.


Align with your specific business goals with micro-targeted audiences.

Lookalike Audiences

User your customers' characteristics to create a similar target audience.


Strategic Planning

Monthly ROI review and strategic planning with a dedicated expert.

Creative Services

Ad creative and copy services deliver hassle-free ad approvals.


Ad-spend monitoring to optimize your campaign performance.


Download Our Automotive Social Media E-Guide

See the benefits Social Media provides for your dealership. We've put together a Social Media Advertising E-Guide specifically for the Automotive industry. 

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Sales Campaigns

Engage customers earlier, keep their attention longer, and convert casual browsers into buyers.


Service Campaigns

Stop losing leads to competitors or the aftermarket. Reach current customers to boost parts and accessories sales.


Branding Campaigns

Build dealership awareness and customer loyalty by promoting your brand's unique differentiators.


See what social ads can do for you!

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