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The most advanced loyalty program for Toyota
More channels. More triggers. More segmentation. 


GSM's Toyota OCP program, atom, delivers: 

The highest SCR

among national business providers

The highest percentage

of vehicles in dealers' SCR denominators 

Higher response rate

(30-days) than the national average


The way automotive retention marketing should be - simple & sophisticated


atom is a service loyalty program that provides an omnichannel communication cycle for your customers at common points of defection. This trigger-based solution automatically sends behavior-based communications utilizing a digital and direct strategy. Communications include relevant service offers to improve service market share and overall retention.




See how atom can help your dealership

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How atom works

Atom uses Dynamic Audience Segmentation with smart couponing to tailor offers to a consumer on-the-fly. Smart Coupon Technology with DMS integration matches offers to the specifics of the owner's vehicle, allowing you to target vehicle pricing, conventional, or synthetic oil pricing. 



atom recognizes a customers' service behavior and sends communications based on mileage or timing. Time-based customers drive less than 27 miles per day, while mileage-based customers average more miles and go through three communication cycles which include: Maintenance Reminders, Mid Interval, and Missed Maintenance. The messaging changes based on customer type (mileage-based, time-based)


Consumer Segmentation and Smart Couponing

GSM's consumer segementation takes into account many types of automotive buyers:

  • Do they drive cars or trucks?
  • What type of maintenence is due?
  • What kind of oil do they need?
  • Where is the customer in the automotive journey



Powered by Data

  • Address Validation & Management
  • Permission Management
  • Customer Information
  • The Most Robust Cadence




See how atom can transform your dealership today!

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