AMPdigital: Next-Generation Customer Experience

AMPdigital is a marketing platform that delivers a single customer view, real-time personalization, and a seamless omnichannel experience -across any device and channel. AMPd offers a next-generation customer experience with advanced audience modeling and targeting capabilities for the automotive industry.

Digital channels offer dealers the targeting capabilities, automation, and the price tag needed to save time and money while also increasing reach, awareness, and purchase consideration.

Always on Target: What AMPdigital will do for you

Omnichannel Targeting

Today’s consumer is influenced by a diverse set of marketing channels and devices, regardless of where they convert. Omnichannel marketing provides a consistent experience with your dealership across all channels in your marketing mix, which boosts engagement and brand recognition.

Cross-Channel Targeting

Cross-channel advertising enables dealerships to bridge the gap between paid search and social channels by personalizing content across multiple channels. No matter where they research their automotive needs, your dealerships ads are seen.

Cross-Device Retargeting

After leaving your dealership website, cross-device targeting enables you to deliver targeted advertising to your consumer across multiple devices. This keeps your customer in the buying funnel longer and increases conversions.

Contextual Website Targeting

Automated content analysis to serve on websites frequented by automotive shoppers which will present ads to customers in a product they are already interested in.

Location-Based Targeting

Location-based marketing targets an audience within a specific geographic area helping you reach customers in real-time. This drives conversions by delivering relevant deals in an area you want to target.

Lookalike Modeling

Use your customers' characteristics to create a similar target audience of likely buyers. This expands your retargeting program to new audiences who are likely to have an interest in your business.

Did you know?

Although traditional media such as TV are critical to building brand awareness, digital media channels are thought to be particularly effective at driving mid- and lower funnel engagement and conversion1.

Digital channels offer dealers the targeting capabilities, automation, and the price tag needed to save time and money while also increasing reach, awareness, and purchase consideration.

1 Nielsen: Nielsen Auto Marketing Report 2018

Why dealers need AMPdigital:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) optimizes your ad performance and budget, around the clock. With the help of AI, your campaigns are constantly monitored and adjusted ensuring data-driven results across all digital channels in your marketing mix.
Digital Marketing expert

Your personal Digital Marketing expert provides a monthly performance review and campaign planning to fine-tune your marketing for year-round savings and success. Together, you will identify your specific marketing needs to deliver the right solutions with easy-to-use technologies and consumer-driven insights.
One login

One login saves you time and trouble; immediately access reporting for all your digital advertising in one user-friendly dashboard. No more forgetting passwords, no more multiple logins – it’s that easy!
On-demand reporting

On-demand reporting allows you to keep tabs on your digital marketing performance anytime, anywhere. Review your live reporting in team meetings or assess your sales strategy based on what inventory and services are in high demand.
Omnichannel Messaging and Creative

Omnichannel messaging and creative generates brand recognition and purchase consideration for your dealership, regardless of where the consumer is in their purchase journey. Consistency in your marketing message and creative is critical for creating a memorable and engaging experience with your dealership’s services.
In-House Management

In-house management gives you peace of mind; GSM handles your campaign assets and data without any third-party executions or involvement. With GSM, you always know who is handling your campaign management and who to call for answers.
Customized Campaigns

All campaigns are customized using data and research to meet the specific needs and goals of your dealership. Through monthly consultations and performance reviews, your Digital Marketing expert will guide you through strategy and campaign recommendations.

AMPdigital Services

Social Advertising

Reach beyond the list of people who like your dealership Facebook page. Target qualified, in-market vehicle and service shoppers to broaden your message reach and make the most of your marketing dollars.

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Bring shoppers back to your site – influence auto shoppers’ decision to buy from your dealership and speed up the purchase process with retargeted ads. Retargeting places relevant and desired content in front of customers who are ready to purchase, based on their personal browsing data and proven interest.

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Display Advertising

Digital has changed the way we shop, find information, and make decisions. Dealerships need to command more digital visibility across the internet with digital advertising in order to grab shoppers earlier and engage them longer. Our display advertisements are backed by predictive modeling, which gets them noticed for the right reasons and makes them relevant to customer’s needs.

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Paid Search

For most auto shoppers, the journey starts with online search. Our paid search experts develop targeted strategies that put your dealership in the position to be chosen, not just seen. Capture purchase intenders in search results pages and be more accessible to online shoppers..

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