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Dealerships need to be in consumers’ hands and heads to be remembered – and that’s exactly how automotive direct mail helps dealerships big and small. GSM’s direct mail program has something for every dealer – from templated mail for quick delivery, to highly segmented mail for accuracy, to custom mail made just for your dealership. Activate your ideal audience and we’ll measure what matters.

Dealership Direct Mail

Did you know that recent scientific studies have determined that because mail is tangible, consumers experience a more emotional connection to it and also perceive an increase in value from it? Automotive direct mail continues to thrive in the digital age because it's both highly targeted and trackable.

At GSM we know not all dealerships goals are the same. That’s why we created three auto dealership mailer solutions to help your dealership get in the hands of your audience. With Segmented, Templated and Custom solutions, you can find the right fit to energize your vehicle sales.


Automotive Segmented Mail

Reach all your service customers - from loyal to lost. GSM's segmented direct mail retention solution uses advanced data segmentation and variable print techniques to send your customers personalized communications with specific offers based on their loyalty to your service department. Mailers are color-coded so that your ASM's can easily identfy a customer's segment if they bring in the mailer.

    This solution includes 5 segments of customers:
    • Active Loyal: 4-7 months since last service visit
    • Defector: 8-12 months since last service visit
    • Lost Customer: 13-24 months since last service visit
    • Prospect: 25-36 months since last service visit
    • Retention Plus: Prepaid Maintenance Customers

Remind your loyal customers of the value and benefits your dealership provides by including targeted messages and offers - just for them. Active Loyal mailers show your customers you know them on a personal level and provide them with helpful savings options.

Full-color, customized bi-fold mailers are designed to strengthen customers’ commitment to your dealership. Our ready-to-go templates make designing and sending personalized mail easy and hassle-free, just how it should be!

Reengage defecting customers with messaging and offers that speak to their service behavior. Defector Mailers increase service retention and recapture a customer's next service visit, before the critical one-year mark.

These mailers reinforce and remind defecting customers of the importance of regular vehicle maintenance and emphasize why your dealership is the right choice for their service needs. Flaunt your dealership's differentiators and reclaim customer loyalty.

Winning back lost customers is a profitable goal that is typically much less expensive than acquiring new customers. Lost Customer mailers help grow your RO counts and increase customer retention at the same time. Show customers you care and value their business with a personalized offer that is relevant to their service needs.

Growing your market share requires targeted data, enticing offers, and repetition for customers to remember your dealership. Prospect Mailers provide the perfect formula for driving customer response and increasing brand awareness. When you combine precise language, clearly communicated benefits, and an aggressive service offer – it makes your dealership irresistible.

Start growing your market share with targeted messaging and creative specifically designed to attract prospective customers. Sell the value and benefits of your dealership and provide prospects with full-color, customizable offers to drive conversions. Target vehicle owners in your market who have never done business with you before, or those who haven't come in for service in over 2 years. Prospect Mailers help bring them back to your service bay.

Stop losing prepaid maintenance customers when their manufacturer-paid term is over. Developing a relationship with these customers is important, because when it comes time for these customers to pay out-of-pocket, you want them to choose your dealership for service.

The Retention Plus programs help dealers establish a personal relationship with these customers, so that they can retain them throughout the vehicle ownership lifecycle.

Automotive Templated Mail

A quick and easy option that allows for month-to-month deployment with little dealer management. Select from an extensive library of creative themes, up to five full-color coupons and a unique dealer-branded message. Templated mail saves time and helps develop top-of-mind awareness. It gives you the freedom to communicate your dealership's differentiators, while also boosting your service retention with personalized messaging, specific coupons, and wide data segmentation.

    Why choose GSM's Templated Mail option?
    • Large selection of unique, ready-to-go creative themes
    • Up to 5 full-color coupons
    • Dealership photo, awards, and manufacturer branding
    • Personalized greetings
    • Customer list options

Automotive Custom Mail

A fully customizable marketing option tailored to the individual needs of your dealership. Personalize every aspect - from the creative, to the coupons, to the customer list. Our custom mail solution allows you to create more memorable direct marketing messages that reflects your dealership’s individuality. GSM also offers two unique and highly-successful mailers as part of our Custom Mail Solution - Mature Vehicle Program (MVP) mailers and Neon Postcards.

Mature Vehicle Program (MVP) is a direct mail strategy that provides 'senior' benefits for high-mileage vehicles, helping you to decrease inactive customers in your database and grow your average RO returns. This program targets customers with vehicles five years or older with 60k, 90k, or 120k+ miles.

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Neon Postcard Mailers – step up your direct mail game and stand out in every mailbox

Neon Postcard Mailers are attention grabbing and hard to miss. No matter what mailbox they land in, they’re sure to stand out of the bunch. Choose from neon pink, yellow, green, blue, or orange and be memorable when it matters.

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