Think beyond the sale

Our automated lifecycle marketing platform is called atom. It's a customer retention solution that sends triggered, personalized communications to your customers throughout their customer journey, creating a truly connected customer experience. We know retaining customers costs a lot less than acquiring new ones. That's why atom helps you develop long-term relationships with your customers from the start.

From sales to service and subsequent repurchase, lifecycle marketing keeps your brand top-of-mind throughout each stage of vehicle ownership.

Filling the gaps

atom is the perfect tool for rounding out your communication cycle across multiple channels
  • Boost your dealership brand with consistent communications
  • Avoid message overlap with flexibility in send
  • Stagger communications to fill gaps where customers are not receiving communications, so you never miss an opportunity
  • Accelerate brand loyalty with service reminders and behavior-based offers
Build relationships that last.
Today's high-tech and connected world provides dealers with the unique opportunity to stay constantly connected to their customers - across any device. For your dealership to be chosen, it needs to be present as consumers switch devices and channels throughout the day.

atom's triggered, lifecycle communications fill critical communication gaps throughout the automotive customer journey to provide auto shoppers with the ways and means of making it into your dealership- whether it’s for a first service, or a final purchase. With atom, your dealership can enjoy the luxury of never falling out of sight or consideration.


Motivate your service customers with custom triggers such as the examples below:

Scheduled Maintenance Reminders
Smart Coupon Technology allows you to target vehicle pricing, conventional or synthetic oil pricing.

Recovery Communications
Up to ten recoveries can be sent at flexible intervals, allowing you to supplement your manufacturer-provided communications or stagger them to fill gaps between communications.

Declined Service
You can target specific declines (brakes, tires, batteries etc.) and vary pricing based on customer-need level (necessary vs. recommended repair).

Sales Communications

Our platform also includes less common triggers including Sales Welcome, Vehicle Anniversary, Customer Birthday, Lease and Warranty Expirations.


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