Mature Vehicles Bring in New Money
February 27, 2018
Gaining Ground Through Conquest Marketing
February 27, 2018
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There was a 39% increase in form submissions over the previous year
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Vehicale detail page views increased 25% year-over-year
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Unique visitor website traffic increased by 14% year-over-year


There was an 8% increase in vehicle sales attributed to GSM's digital platform

How Toyota of Plano increased vehicle detail page views and drove increased website traffic


Today’s consumer-driven society expects and depends on immediacy and efficiency throughout the purchase process. For dealers, this means competitive success relies on digital visibility. Understanding that consumers begin their shopping journey online, Toyota of Plano needed to focus efforts on differentiating themselves locally to increase traffic to their dealership.

I think branding across the web drives people to your website. You have three lots - phone, physical, and the digital lot, which gets the most traffic by far. You have to drive people to your website to be successful.

Rusty Gentry, General Manager at Toyota of Plano

How we helped

GSM provided a comprehensive digital campaign to keep the dealership's message in front of local, auto consumers. All digital channels worked together to drive qualified leads to the dealership's site, increasing the chance of conversion.

Solutions used

Paid Search increased their visibility in search engine results pages
Dynamic Display Advertising succeeded in delivering effective digital ads to relevant shoppers at critical moments in their path to purchase
Retargeting helped Toyota of Plano reconnect with previous site visitors by positioning targeted ads in front of shoppers as they browsed the Internet
In this day and age it is important to have a focus on all pieces of the puzzle. We constantly look for new ways to create efficiencies for customers, stronger calls to action, and improve engagement. This all ultimately leads to higher clicks, calls, and leads.

Faz Imam, E-Commerce Director at Toyota of Plano


The GSM advertising network delivered high-quality traffic to Toyota of Plano’s dealership website and a positive return on advertising investment. To create the most successful program possible, Toyota of Plano and GSM work monthly to optimize their digital strategy achieving:

• 39% increase in form submissions YOY
• 25% increase in VDP views YOY
• 14% increase in unique visitor website traffic YOY
• 8% increase in vehicle sales, attributed to GSMs digital platform

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