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February 27, 2018
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February 27, 2018

How Round Rock Toyota Increased its Retention Rates, Leading to Increased ROs and Revenue


Round Rock Toyota was experiencing a declining retention of service customers because customers were not coming in for service at regular intervals. The dip in retention was occurring specifically among prepaid maintenance eligible customers, those with no-cost service visits. The store had marketing in place targeting service customers in general via email and direct mail but the dip in customer retention proves efforts to correct the decline were not successful alone.


How we helped

GSM recommended that Round Rock Toyota take an omnichannel approach by integrating phone call reminders for prepaid maintenance customers into their general email and mail efforts. Round Rock Toyota started using GSM's phone call program in November 2015 which specifically targets service customers who are due or overdue for a prepaid maintenance visit or who are about to expire. The live calls are designed to reach customers who are most eligible to come in for service, taking into account mileage intervals and service due date estimates, maximizing the efficiency of spend for the dealer.

Since we started the phone calls program we have been setting more appointments, bringing in more customers, driving customer loyalty, and increasing retention.

Jimmy Wilson, Service Director at Round Rock Toyota

Solutions used

Phone Calls Program helped bring in customers closest to affecting the dealership's service retention


Since the program began, Toyota of Round Rock has seen results that directly combat service challenges:
• Over 63 appointments made each month from calls, a 42% increase.
7x return on marketing spend
• Up to $121 average dollars per RO
• At least 108 ROs per month

Residual benefits included:
• Savings on employee overhead expenses
• Increased revenue
• Improved retention
• Increased ROs

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