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February 27, 2018

How Toyota of Rockwall Increased Sales by Delivering Higher Volume web Traffic and VDP Views


Driving traffic to your dealership website is important, but consistently driving higher quality traffic is critical for converting leads to sales. Toyota of Rockwall began digital advertising with GSM in August and challenged themselves to create a more efficient approach to their digital efforts in order to exceed sales objectives, generate more leads, and drive quality traffic to their dealership site. Working with GSM, Toyota of Rockwall immediately increased their web traffic and vehicle detail page (VDP) views, while operating on the same budget as a previous competitor.


How we helped

Jonathan Hainen, GSM Digital Marketing Advisor, worked one-on-one with Andy Bacon, Director of Digital Operations and Marketing for Toyota of Rockwall, to allocate ad spend in a way that would increase traffic and quality leads. This approach allowed for strategic focus on the right mix of different ad platforms to create the optimal scenario for cost-per-click (CPC) and a low cost-per-lead ratio. Understanding the difference between desktop and mobile metrics, and tailoring the advertising to meet the needs of both, helped create a multi-faceted approach that would deliver higher quality traffic and the highest ROI.

An important aspect of this campaign was the integration and streamlining of all digital campaign components including Paid Search, Display advertisements, retargeting, messaging, and creative. This creates synergy of an aligned message, yielding higher ROI across the board.
One of the reasons we like GSM is that if we need to get something out quickly, but still have a lot of say in design, they get it handled in a way that allows us to have a high degree of control in the design and implementation process.

Andy Bacon, Director of Digital Operations and Marketing at Toyota of Rockwall

Solutions used

Paid Search using programmatic, real-time bidding across multiple platforms to ensure they captured the right customers at the times they are most likely to convert
Display Advertisements using predictive modeling and behavioral targeting to deliver relevant and timely ads to in-market shoppers
Retargeting that shows high-interest auto shoppers the exact vehicles they browsed online, as well as lookalike vehicles driving leads back to the dealer site


From August to December, the right combination and balance of paid search, SEO, display, and retargeting led to:
• After 1 month, the dealership had their best ever new car month for September and had their best month ever for used cars
• 25%+ average increase in VDP page views
• 20% average increase in website traffic

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